Bitcoin Hits A New record

The virtual currency Bitcoin beat its historic record last Thursday by reaching 5,247.02 dollars. When launched in 2009, a bitcoin cost only a few cents, and even at the beginning of 2017, it was only $ 966. Since then, this self-regulating virtual currency, which preserves the anonymity of its owners, has seen its course progress continuously.

The bitcoin is based on blockchain, a technology that uses encrypted and authenticated transaction blocks that add up to each other.

This blockchain is reputed to be tamper-proof because, in order to modify information, it will have to be changed at the same time among all users, a feature that is of great interest to the banking sector.


About the Author: Michelle Babduct

Michelle is a cryptocurrency editor who graduated from the University Of Michigan. She likes social media trends, being semi-healthy, Buffalo Wild Wings and vodka with lime. When she isn’t writing, Maria loves to travel. She last went to Thailand to play with elephants and is planning a trip to Bali.

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