Launch Announced – Focus of Website to Help Educate Website Owners Before They Commit to Stripe

NAPLES, FL – 08-08-2018 (Press Release Jet) — e-ventures Worldwide, LLC, has announced launch of an online resource,, to outline service disagreements and issues merchants face when using the popular online payment platform. The online website aims to outline and emphasis the growing number of complaints and general distress from both merchants and buyers over issues with the payment platform.

The website will be a collection of common complaints about the payment platform from the perspective of both merchants which have used the service to accept payments and buyers which have made purchases through the platform. Buyers and sellers involved are both invited to offer their complaints and criticism about the service and their thoughts about what Stripe can do to ensure they are offering an ethical and accessible payment platform. Inspiration for the website came in the growing amount of online criticism about sub-par service and ignored negative inquiries or requests for reconsideration.
The vision for the website is to ensure business owners know what they are getting into before they commit to Stripe collecting their revenues.Interestingly, the domain name ‘’ was selected as it was identified that the domain name ‘’ had already been acquired by Stripe.
Web users with ideas of what the website should feature in terms of content and features are encouraged to send their ideas to: [email protected]
Web users with complaints that wish to have their complaints included on launch date should send them to: [email protected]
The website is being developed and scheduled to launch in October 2018.

Media Contacts:

Company Name: e-ventures Worldwide, LLC
Full Name: Marc Stephens
Phone: 800-874-2458
Email Address: Send Email

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