New York’s Famous Managed IT Services Provider Share Tips for Small Businesses

NEW YORK, NY – 08-08-2018 (Press Release Jet) — According to Tom Reichberg, the founder of New York Nerds, “Managed IT services are great for small businesses to increase productivity and grow. However, businesses need to make sure that their chosen managed services partner has the right tools and techniques to help them.”

Every small business wants to grow quickly. However, any sudden growth in business will always come with its own set of challenges. For instance, a company’s customer service and quality control systems can deteriorate quickly if new demands are not supported by a solid IT base. This puts the company at risk of losing market share to competitors.New York Nerds Founder Said, “Fortunately for small businesses, they have a safety net that can help them deal with such challenges. That safety net is managed IT services which especially enable small businesses to scale when a growth spike comes around and also enable them to free their IT personnel for more strategic and productive uses over time. With regard to managed IT services, a third party delivers core technology resources that are needed by a growing company. These include help desk, telephony, email, networking, collaboration, mobility, disaster recovery, and network/data security.”He added, “This is how the theory goes. Issues arise because not all managed IT service providers have the necessary tools and methods to properly meet the needs of a growing business.”He further said that in such a scenario, small companies can make use of the following tips to find a managed services partner that will be perfect for their business needs.

  1. People 

Having a team of skilled IT professionals for Data & Networking Security will instantly set a managed services provider apart from the pack. The best service providers hire experts in all areas of service and then invest monetary and non-monetary resources to train them to be the best at what they do.

  1. Processes

Small companies are in need of enterprise-quality operational processes to properly support their IT setup. The best managed IT service providers design their offerings using IT Infrastructure Library guidelines as well as other best practices in the industry.

  1. Tools

Small businesses are in need of proper IT monitoring systems in order to have a full understanding of their environment, but the tight budgets of most small companies do not allow them to do so. This void is filled by managed IT service providers so that their clients can have an accurate view of their business operations.

  1. Expertise

Employing managed IT services can be a challenge from the perspective of change management. This is why the best managed service providers make onsite visits to understand how users will be affected by this change of approach and outside service engagement. Working in tandem with a client company’s top management, managed IT service providers explain overall business goals and benefits of this new service to the whole organization in order to get everyone on the same page which is vital for business and project success. Founder of New York Nerds added that once the agreed-upon services have been set up, the client company should appoint a focal person to deal with the service engineering team of the managed services partner. This will provide valuable insight into many new IT challenges that might pop up from time to time and can be dealt with. It would be like an informal conversation between the IT staff and business users. For example, someone in the accounts department might not be fully satisfied with the time it takes for invoice processing and might want the system to be faster. To address this issue, someone from internal IT might open a service ticket. A focal person dealing with the managed services provider will be able to ensure that all such information is forwarded to the experts on the service engineering team who can rectify the problem without much of a time lapse.Talking about a powerful tool, Tom Reichberg said that the good thing is that when the internal processes are in order, it will be easy for the client company to promptly incorporate any additional managed IT services when needed. This is a good position for a business to be in. Whenever some business opportunity arises, the company can decide whether it would be better to hire new workers or trust the managed services partner to deliver the required results. This can even be a competitive advantage for a business.

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