MEGAN, a ‘Cloverfield’ Proof of Concept Goes Viral, Bridges Franchise Universe

LOS ANGELES – 08-07-2018 (Press Release Jet) — (Los Angeles, August 7, 2018 ) A ‘Cloverfield’ proof of concept MEGAN, went viral after being released on YouTube. The 7-minute short directed by a VFX supervisor Greg Strasz (Independence Day: Resurgence, 2012, The Day After Tomorrow) pays homage to one of the most exciting and innovative sci-fi cinematic universes while delving deeper into the franchise, providing a tangible link between Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane installments. The film tells the story of Megan Paulson, who along with the elite Delta Force team, investigates a mysterious attack in present-day Downtown Los Angeles. 

You can watch the full film here: proof of concept was conceived by Jean de Meuron, and developed with Greg Strasz, and Giuseppe Mercadante, with the latter proposing to focus the story around the estranged daughter of Howard Stambler (portrayed by John Goodman) in 10 Cloverfield Lane. Director Greg Strasz and Giuseppe Mercadante co-wrote the script. Writer-Producer Mercadante is currently adapting the concept into a feature screenplay.MEGAN brought together an eclectic team of seasoned industry professionals and young and hungry producers. Greg is a VFX industry veteran; the film features stunning imagery by Markus Förderer, BVK (Independence Day: Resurgence, I Origins, Stonewall).With a script and an impressive lookbook in hand, producers shared their vision with some of the leading industry vendors. RED provided their Hollywood studio facilities and their cutting-edge 8K Helium camera. Lenses and lighting equipment came from Keslow Camera and Digital Sputnik. Helinet provided the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk. Independent Studio Services supplied all of the weapons, including the costumes in collaboration with Western Costume Co and Demobaza. Olcun Tan’s Gradient Effects is behind the stunning VFX. Finally, Dolby Laboratories supported the film by offering their mix stages for a Dolby Atmos sound mix done by Peter Bawiec M.P.S.E., as well as Dolby Vision color finishing.
For inquiries and exclusive content contact:Megan Paulson[email protected]Instagram: CreditsProduction Companies: Decipher Entertainment, Eternal City Productions, Gradient Effects
Cast: Matilda Lutz, Garret T. Sato, Ralf Moeller, Yuki Sakamoto, TJ Misawa, Edwin Modlin II, Paolo Bernardini, Kevin LaRosa II, David Villada, Michael Baszler, Cam McHarg, Arthur Naptiontek, Isaac Stephen Montgomery, Hovo Vardanian, Matthew Conner
Director: Greg Strasz
Writers: Giuseppe Mercadante (story & script), Greg Strasz (story & script), Jean de Meuron (story)  
Producers: Jean de Meuron, Giuseppe Mercadante, Olcun Tan
Executive Producers: Nicolas Emiliani, Greg Strasz
Co-Producer: Khader Hayath Kareem
Associate Producers: Elena Bawiec, Nathaniel Pope, Edwin Modlin II
Director of Photography: Markus Förderer, BVK
Production Designer: Carol Winstead Wood
Editor: Zimo Huang
Music: Iris Wallner
VFX Supervisors: Olcun Tan, Greg Strasz
Sound Design and Dolby Atmos Mix: Peter Bawiec, M.P.S.E.
Casting: Bill Dance
Stunt Coordinator: Oliver Keller
Costume Supervisor: Susanna Gabrielyan

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