How to Transform a Brand From Fledgling To Fierce Competition: The Hit Reality TV Show Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® Is At It Again For Season 2

NEW YORK, NY – 08-09-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Gone are the days of the college education, 40-year corporate career all ending in a retirement party, pension, and gold watch on your wrist- all equating to a life of success.Today we are taught that being an entrepreneur, controlling your own cash flow lifestyle, and ultimate destiny is what makes us “successful.”

Entrepreneurs are seekers, doers, and optimistic change agents who are looking to break the norms, and find a way to make this world a better place for all. Entrepreneurs are the modern white knights here to save us from the “evils” of this world.

Yet the journey these white knights must take has an untold dark side. Far too often the realities of being an entrepreneur are glossed over, like:

Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® is here to change all that. On Season 2 (launching September 19th 2018 Roku, Amazon Fire, Android TV, and Apple Tv’s Brandpreuner™ Network), we set out to transform and tell the real life story of 6 amazing “white knight” brands who are ready to go from fledgling to majorly fierce competition.

Led once again by Luxury and Neuro Human Branding® expert, Ali Craig ( is joined by Sandy Hapoienu ( based out of New York City and Jenni Parker Brown ( France to transform these fledgling brands into fierce industry competition. Featuring seasoned industry vets to business owners just a few years in – we traveled from Coast to Coast to help fix these brands and forever change their marketplaces.

The brands on Season 2 are:

  • Gina Bell out of Dyer, Indiana
  • Dr. Megan Todd out of Phoenix, AZ
  • Sylvia Becker-Hill  from Vista, CA
  • Lisa Rehurek from Tempe, AZ
  • Talmar Anderson from Reston, VA
  • Cassandra Shepard out of Colorado Springs, CO

As host of Fix My Brand With Ali Craig®, Craig believes: “Brands are about creating orgasmically outstanding experiences and soul bonding connections. Yes, experiences and relationships are what transforms businesses into thriving brands. ”

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