BodyShapr for iPhone: Truly Visualize your Body Transformation

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – 08-09-2018 (Press Release Jet) — BodyShapr App for iPhone

Motivation is being able to truly visualize your results. 


Are you on a fitness journey? Track your progress by truly visualizing your body transformation with a powerful set of before & after comparison and animation tools including Slider, GIF, Time-Lapse and Collage. Unlike many comparison apps, BodyShapr lets you see your fitness progress come to life.


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…A handy tool to keep track of your fitness progress and grasp both small and big milestones

…Visually monitor how you’re doing on certain diets and fitness programs

…Assess the need to adjust your routine to prioritize certain parts of your body that may be less developed than others

…A great way to keep yourself motivated and results oriented



  • Advanced Comparison Tools – Slider, GIF, Time-Lapse or Collage
  • Visualize the Details – Compare up to 20 pictures at the same time
  • Motivate Each Other – Find your friends and start sharing your progress
  • Get Inspired – Social Feed gathers all the shared body transformation pictures
  • Stay Private – Your content remains private unless you choose to share it
  • Picture Perfect – The Superimpose mode is a handy tool to make sure the photos stay in place
  • Weight Watcher – Add your current weight to each photo and visualize in the weight graph
  • Blog – Stay informed with regular Health & Fitness posts
  • BMI – Integrated Body Mass Index calculator and reference chart
  • Make it yours! – Pick your core values, activities of choice and background for profile
  • A Simple and clean interface, creating a pleasing experience
  • Export and share to social media to celebrate your hard work
  • Take photos using the built-in iPhone camera 
  • Automatically adds current date to new photos
  • Supports US Standard or Metric measurements
  • Supports full body, upper body and lower body, side, back and face cataloguing options

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