• One of the biggest gathering of artists and personalities: Juanes,   Olivia Palermo, Bo Derek, David Bisbal, Valeria Mazza, Juan Magán, among others.
  • Throughout its previous editions, Starlite Gala has raised more than   two and a half million euros that have been distributed among projects of 12   foundations.


MIAMI, FL – 08-13-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Starlite 2018 has experienced its most magical and special night: the celebration of the Ninth Edition of the   Starlite Gala, which has brought together more than sixty national and   international stars, as well as personalities from the business, social and   cultural world who have come to support with their presence and contribution   to the most important charity Gala in   Spain. One more year, there were   moments full of emotion that accompanied the most involved and committed   auction that, once again, donated all the proceeds to the foundations   Children in Happiness and Tears & Favors, which they later will be   distribute among various initiatives. This   year, the Starlite Foundation has donated to the Foundation, I Want a Job,   that helps women find work. With the funds raised through the charity   concert “Tribute to Women”, which will take place in Starlite on   August 17, the first office will be opened in Madrid.

The hosts of the Gala Starlite, Antonio Banderas and Sandra   García-Sanjuán, who wore an elegant design by Elie Saab, designer who   collaborated in this edition of the Gala, in addition to her Sarkany shoes, brand owned by   Antonella Rocuzzo, wife of the Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi, and Sofía Balbi, wife of Uruguayan international Luis Suarez. The duo greeted more   than four hundred attendees last night, thanking them for their collaboration   and presence in a unique night with record numbers that will undoubtedly   change the lives of thousands of people due to the commitment and   contributions of each of them.

And those children, their dreams,   were presented in a beautiful way that opened the Starlite Gala, a tribute in   which hundreds of balloons were thrown, representing those dreams, they flew   high, as tall as those of the little ones that would be helped with the   proceeds from the gala.

The night began with a very   special welcome from Antonio Banderas, who thanked all attendees for their   commitment and collaboration, and announced the performances of the night.

Comedian Carlos Latre has been, once again, an exceptional presenter of   this emotional gala in which, accompanied by the model and Argentine businesswoman   Valeria Mazza, has offered with   his humor some of the greatest moments and anecdotes, including his already   famous imitations of artists like Luis Miguel, Maná, Raphael and Manolo   García.

Sandra García-Sanjuán, co-host of   the Gala Starlite with Antonio Banderas, dedicated a few words after the   presentation of the foundation which she chairs with Alejandra Aleman,   “Children in Joy”, and in which she stated that “25,000   children have been schooled thanks to this project. The most wonderful power   that great celebrities have, that inspire others, is to contribute to   transform the world, and that is the dream of the Starlite Foundation.   “. Moreover, she also thanked the press for “spreading the message,   because thanks to them everyone knows what Starlite is,” and to the   sponsors Ford, Schweppes, Viña Esmeralda, Maxxium, Unicaja Foundation and   Costa del Sol Tourism, for Your support for the Starlite Gala project. Sandra   García-Sanjuán closed her speech with emotion, thanking Antonio Banderas,   “a great friend and person, there should be more like him in the   world”.


Isabel Gemio: Recognized journalist and presenter of television and   radio, in 2008 creates the Isabel Gemio Foundation for the Research of   Muscular Dystrophies and other Rare Diseases with the aim of contributing to   accelerate the investigation for this type of diagnosis in those aspects that   may have an impact on the development and application of curative treatments   to patients. Santiago Segura and the Kimpel sisters were in charge of   giving the award to the journalist. “On behalf of our Foundation, thank   you very much, because many people feel it is theirs. We are a small and   humble foundation with many extraordinary people who have helped us grow for   ten years, in which we have already achieved six projects with public   hospitals. All foundations find it difficult to obtain funding and events   like this are necessary. Science is what makes us move forward, we must bet   on it”, said an emotional Isabel last night at the event.

Juanes: Singer, composer, musician and   Colombian social leader very committed to childhood and youth of his country   created the Mi Sangre Foundation with the aim of co-creating protective environments   where children and youth can discover and exercise their powers as builders   of peace through psychosocial accompaniment to victims of all kinds of   violence, with a preventive focus on education for peace through art and   play. Juanes picked up his prize last night from Antonio Banderas and David Bisbal: “We have worked for   children and adolescent victims of violence in Colombia. The hope that   Colombia will one day achieve peace is my dream”, said the artist.

Miguel Ríos: The legendary Spanish rock singer   has recently been awarded the International City of Córdoba for Peace Award –   Antonio Gala of Fine Arts in the Music category, which has distinguished the   long career of the Granada-born musician recognizing his influence and work   with the following generations through music and language without borders,   with which he reached the whole world with his famous adaptation of   Beethoven’s “Hymn of Joy”.

Olivia Palermo: One of the most influential women in the world of   fashion, trends and lifestyle. Designer, model, influencer and ambassador of   numerous causes of solidarity. The multidisciplinary businesswoman takes   advantage of her global image to support numerous charitable causes of which   she is an ambassador, in addition to allocating part of her royalties to   different solidarity projects. Santiago   Segura, Miriam Giovanelli and Bo Derek presented the award to the New   Yorker, who highlighted the great honor of being at the Gala and recognizing   her work with children.

Bettina Bulgheroni: Argentinean businesswoman   President of Fundación Educando that is destined to develop and implement   literacy and education programs for communities with fewer opportunities,   promoting a real improvement in their quality of life and development. Sandra García-Sanjuán and Sharon Corr   presented the award to the Argentine: “Always a recognition makes us   happy, and this is my case, because it reinforces our commitment to help   others. I know that Argentina where poverty has a face of suffering, sadness   and pain, because they no longer have dreams. In the Foundation we are   helping 100,000 young people from Creole and Aboriginal communities, and we   will continue working and fighting for them. ”

Oriol Mitjá: Dr. Oriol Mitjà, renowned medical researcher. Thanks   to his work, Pian will be eradicated, a skin disease that punishes hundreds   of thousands of disadvantaged children in Africa and the Pacific, in the year   2020, becoming the second disease, after smallpox, to be eradicated. from the   face of the earth. He specializes in infectious diseases and neglected   tropical skin diseases. The recognition was given by Ainhoa Arteta, Irene   Villa and Agustín Bravo, in their words of thanks, Mitjá said: “Our   project aims to eradicate the Pian, which is the second eradication of a   disease, the drug is already being distributed. ”


The gala had again for, one more   year, its traditional live auction in which they presented objects and unique   experiences, such as a guitar signed by Antonio   Banderas along with a drawer signed by all the artists of the Gala, works   of art by distinguished artists, such as,Elisabeth Ollé Curiel, “Classicism   in Miami”, an in oil on canvas that was acquired for 20,000 euros by   Antonio Banderas, “El Solitario”, by the famous contemporary art   sculptor Pepe Monserrate, the work “Puente Naranja Reflejado” by the   renowned artists Los Carpinteros, which represent one of the most creative   and original artistic movements and that was purchased for 40,000 euros, the   oil on linen cloth by Andrés Mérida from Malaga, “Farruca de   Palacio”, works of José Luis Puche, the work “One” by the   Mexican artist, Bibiana Donet, and a very special painting painted by the   same Antonio Banderas himself, accepting the challenge of Carlos Latre and   that was actioned of for 20,000 euros.

In addition, unique experiences   were auctioned, such as an exclusive trip to Chile offered by Nuba, the pioneer firm in the design   of exclusive trips, a year of care at the prestigious beauty center Maribel   Yébenes, a day at one of the luxury yachts offered by Puerto Banús, with chef   Dani García’s tasting menu on board, finally a week at Healthhouse Las Dunas,   with a health program and a Deluxe room.


Fundación Starlite- Starlite Gala

The Starlite Gala was born in   2010, to raise funds for charitable causes, mainly for the Lágrimas and   Favores Foundations, created by Antonio   Banderas and Niños en Alegría, founded   by Sandra García-Sanjuán and Alejandra Alemán. The Gala has the support of national and   international personalities from the cultural, social and business world. The   Gala is financed with sponsors and   100% of the funds raised are allocated to the supported foundations.   Throughout its previous editions, Starlite   Gala has raised more than two and a half million euros that have been   distributed among projects of 12 foundations. In the coming days, as soon as   all the proceeds are closed and collected, the collection figures of this   edition will be announced.

The Starlite Foundation is an   international philanthropic platform whose objective is to improve the   education, health and living conditions of communities, families and children   without resources. Support solidarity organizations and causes led by   personalities whose determination, dedication and personal involvement are an   inspiration. They take advantage of their fame, influence and media power to   actively help, lending their amplifying voice to those who are not listened   to. These stars are a light that guides many to follow their example,   managing to change thousands of lives and making the world a better place.


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