5% Off Generac Guardian 16kW – 22kW Home Backup Generators at Norwall PowerSystems

Limited Time Offer on America’s Best-Selling Home Standby Generators

LAKE HAVASU CITY, ARIZONA – 08-13-2018 (Press Release Jet) — Homeowners looking to save on a new home standby generator can cut 5 percent off on select Generac Guardian models at Norwall PowerSystems. The five-percent off sale applies to all 16-kilowatt to 22-kilowatt Generac Guardian home backup generators. The limited time offer applies only to generators sold from August 13 through August 20, 2018. The sale coincides with the free ten-year extended warranty offer already in progress at Norwall (www.Norwall.com) and includes models with or without an automatic transfer switch.

Following a record breaking 2017 with 16 Weather-Related Billion-Dollar Disasters in the United States, including three major hurricanes, many homeowners prepare for extended power outages with a generator for emergency power. Home backup generators are permanently connected and work automatically within seconds after the power goes out. Unlike portable generators, these 16kW to 22kW Guardian Standby Models power furnaces, air conditioners, and other hard-wired appliances that can’t plug into an extension cord. Natural gas or propane powered, home backup generators don’t need constant refueling and can run for days or weeks.

According to Travis LaVallie at Norwall, “The 22-Kilowatt Generac Guardian 70432 is not only the most powerful air-cooled home standby generator in its class, it is also the most efficient and still costs less per kilowatt than other generators that produce less power.”

The 22kW generator leads the home backup market as the nationwide best-selling generator in its class. Other popular Guardian models included in the sale are the 20-Kilowatt 70391 and the 16-Kilowatt 70371. All the models include a 200-Amp Whole-House Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS.) Another option is the 16-Kilowatt 70361 which ships with a 100-Amp, 16-Circuit Load Center ATS to power only selected circuits during an outage. Home Standby Generators require an ATS for operation.

Generac Guardian Features and Benefits include the purpose-built G-Force engine, an overhead cam industrial v-twin designed specifically to power the air-cooled generators for days or weeks. TruePower™ Technology and solid-state frequency-compensated voltage regulation ensure utility-quality power for sensitive electronics and superior motor starting ability. Mobile Link remote monitoring provides generator status and alerts on smart phones, tablets, or computers and can automatically alert an authorized service provider when it’s time for maintenance.

With more than 1000 disaster declarations in the past 10 years, homeowners should consider a generator as part of their emergency disaster plan. Portables can help in a pinch, but a home backup generator operates for extended periods without refueling or the need to store dangerous fuels. They are safe, reliable, and when properly installed, reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and theft.

About Norwall PowerSystems 

Norwall PowerSystems, established in 1997 to specialize in the sale of emergency backup power generators and associated equipment, stocks 1,000s of standby generators, portable generators, automatic transfer switches and replacement parts in multiple warehouses throughout the US. The Norwall Blog and Norwall Power Expert provide helpful emergency disaster resources with links to important sites, disaster preparation, and information on relevant current events. With over 55 years of combined experience in the electrical and power plant arenas, sales staff provide courteous and knowledgeable service to customers by listening, taking notes, and providing information promptly. Regular, factory-sponsored training keeps staff up to date on new products. In business for more than 20 years, Norwall has shipped over 200,000 generators.

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