Navigating in the Trillion-level Blue Ocean of Intelligent Industry, Matt Chain Will Build a Global Health Intelligent Ecosystem

The blockchain is a new technology that has revolutionized the world after the great influence of electricity power and the Internet, and constantly erupted the majestic power of changing the world. Its emergence officially opened up a new era of value Internet, and it is a rare chance for the new and old companies to achieve cornering overtaking and reconstruct new industry ecology. The world is paying great attention to the applications of blockchain technology. At present, China’s blockchain applications has shown an accelerated trend, which is expected to promote a new round of business model reform, to “restore the cost” and “enhance efficiency” for real economy, and provide new dynamism for promoting the high-quality development and transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.

In this “blockchain armament” competition, as the application hotspots of blockchain, the industries connecting closely to blockchain such as the sports industry, health industry and future science industry are constantly generating new scenes and more business opportunities. Matt Currency has forward-looking prospects for sports, health and future science developments. Combining big data and intelligent management systems, the blockchain technology is actually applied to several industries. The new storm of the global intelligent industry is about to set off, and the Matt Currency has emerged at this time. Matt Currency was co-sponsored by Natalia Technology Group. The initiator is Brian Holt, Senior Researcher at American Blockchain Innovation Institute, Blockchain Technology Specialist, and Brian Holt is also one of the main R&D personnel of the underlying technology of Matt Currency. He has participated in the development of public networks such as Ethereum and ADA. Brian Holt discovered the great value of Matt Currency when he participated in the research and development of Matt Currency’s underlying technology. Based on the existing characteristics of Matt Currency, Brian Holt officially introduced Matt Currency for the first time in 2017, Silicon Valley, USA.

Matt Currency is a large intelligent ecosystem that combines blockchain technology with the Matt Chain entity system. Matt Chain will focus on the full application of blockchain technology, the tamperproof characteristics, the uniqueness of value, and the entry point of intelligent sports, integration of medical health, future science and technology, smart city and other comprehensive resources. From online to offline, forming the closed system of Matt Financial + blockchain full ecological circle, Matt Currency will create a digital ecosystem integrating sports, health, future science and technology and smart city, forming a comprehensive and highly credible financial ecosystem circulation system.

Based on the global intelligent industry and relying on a strong technical and operational team, Matt Currency has established the underlying architecture of “blockchain + artificial intelligence + big data”, and will perfectly integrate the blockchain technology and the global intelligent industry. Using the sports industry as the starting point and foothold, linking financial, medical health, future technology, smart city and many other application scenarios to build a global win-win ecosystem of trillion-level intelligent industry, accelerating the realization of important application scenarios of the future development of all mankind, and realizing the great dream of “protecting the happy life of mankind with digital solutions.” In the future, Matt Currency will create a green, intelligent global ecosystem that is unimpeded for human beings, and circulates with high-speed economic flow.

The blockchain is the most popular concept at the moment. The “high fever does not retreat” all along the way, the rapid development is staggering. Matt Currency, which is fully integrated with the world’s top blockchain technology and the hottest application scenarios, carrying the hopes of many well-known blockchain research institutions and insiders, has officially set sail for the intelligent industry trillion-level blue ocean. It will truly build a global health intelligence ecosystem, and let’s witness the explosion of the huge potential of the Matt Currency!

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