Touching Up: IOTA Surpasses Ripple, Got New Price Base

After following an amazing rally recently, the IOTA bulls seem like taking a breather.

IOTA burst the week after making an announcement of the new partnership with Microsoft, Samsung and many more regarding launch of the data market for the internet of several things.

The crypto-currency, previously trading beneath $1, almost 10 days back, now jumped above 450 % with the purpose to smack a fresh lifetime high of $5.55 a day before. Such a move has removed all the previous records higher approximately $1.10 set for Aug. 17, and resulted IOTA to move up to resultantly fourth largest crypto-currency as per the market capitalization on CoinMarketCap rankings.

As far writing is concerned, the crypto-currency is equal to $3.50. And according to CoinMarketCap, IOTA moved down from 26.17% just a day before. At the same time, this decline seems to be astounding, when compared to a 450 % rally; the 33% drop gives a good feeling.

Besides this, the price chart analysis has brought into notice about the current base cost of $2.50 for crypto-currency.

It is clear that base moved up to $2.50 levels and it now seems that the rally will not continue further.

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