Shifting Fantasy Sports Platform To Blockchain Can Be A Game Changer

There has been a huge influx in the number of people playing fantasy sports in North America. This industry is now worth $7 billion and more. If this sort of business is moved to the Blockchain world, then there would be an even better future for the fantasy sports platform.

The blockchain startups MyDFS and No Limit Fantasy Sports are looking to bring the fantasy games platform to the blockchain world. Both of them have different ideas in mind and are looking at appointees that are having a difficult time to grow in the industry.

MyDFS is looking to jump into the barrel. It is getting a $2 million funding boost from Frank Fu, the managing director of Meitu. This is a Chinese photo sharing platform that has over 456 million users.

Fu is of the belief that the union of the blockchain and the gaming is sure to happen. The games can be safely stored in the blockchain as in-game digital assets. It will help in making the transactions smooth and fast. There will be no need to appoint financial intermediaries to carry out transactions.

The blockchain will record every financial transaction and these way payment frauds can be easily found out.

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