Microsoft Supports IOTA Coin in Thought Leadership Participation

The founders of IOTA coin have come out to clarify that the “partnership” that many media outlets have boasted between Microsoft and IOTA is more of “participation” through “thought leadership”. While this is not an official partnership, this still is massive news because it creates huge awareness of the many ways IOTA’s ledger technology can be adopted into existing big business to solve problems that exist in Bitcoin and any blockchain ledger cryptocurrencies.

The thought leadership participation in IOTA from Microsoft extends not to one but multiple divisions and offices, which includes the Microsoft Chicago office, Paris office and Munich office. This means that the introduction of the revolutionary “Tangle” technology, which allows for $0 transaction fees, which is extremely appealing especially to the global economy as web designers, web developers and information professionals actively seek alternative methods of getting paid from outsourced work. charges 10% for contractors; PayPal charges 2.99% plus up to 10% to withdraw to the bank, depending on the receiving country; and Bitcoin / Ethereum / Litecoin, while has a very small fee, these can add up especially for microtasks such as one-time data entry projects, these fees can add up overtime.

Currently, Coinbase is the most popular platform for purchasing cryptocurrencies. However, IOTA is not available on Coinbase so in order to exchange IOTA, you would need to sign up for a Coinbase account so you can convert native currency to Bitcoin; and then transfer the Bitcoin to an exchange such as Binance to purchase.

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