Kaspersky Lab Flushes Virus Capable Of stealing Bitcoins

Despite their advanced encryption technology, cryptocurrencies are not safe from thieves. A Russian antivirus developer has identified a malicious program, CryptoShuffler, that steals the credentials of Bitcoin owners.

According to International Business Times, hackers have already stolen the equivalent of $150,000(USD), using a virus called CryptoShuffler.

Rather than tackling encrypted blockchain technology, the malware exploits more simply the ordinary copy and paste. In fact, when a cryptocurrency owner wants to transfer his monetary signs from one virtual wallet to another, the procedure requires entering the wallet identifiers, composed of a long sequence of symbols, impossible to memorize.

The cryptocurrency lover prefers to copy and paste the identifier and it is this vulnerability that CryptoShuffler exploits, fraudulently accessing the clipboard. Then there is the malicious software to replace the wallet recipient of the transaction. You can not stop progress…

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