Indonesia Can Become The Next Hub For Blockchain

There is no doubt that technology is changing the way industries are running in Indonesia. The growth rate shown by the startups in the technology sector has increased manifold now. There were at least $3 billion pumped in the venture capital of the startup community in 2017.

The best part is that the Blockchain startups have started to show their face in Indonesia. There is every chance for Indonesia to soon become one of the most sought-after countries as far as Blockchain technology is concerned. Indonesia can become a major Blockchain technology hub, but it needs to buckle up from the nascent stage it is in.

There are many challenges that Indonesia is facing as far as Blockchain hub is concerned. It is a new kid on the block when compared to the Blockchain development in other countries. It is taking a bit of time for the businesses to understand the technology behind Blockchain. But, the smaller businesses and startups are now looking to accept digital payments.

The Blockchain can be the future as it helps businesses and the consumers to know the credit histories and to carry our very quick and efficient payment process. The Blockchain tech can offer small business and individuals the option to work with global users.

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About the Author: Michelle Babduct

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