Fixing Of Crypto-Currency

Earlier in Bitcoin years you are able to pay anything and everything with crypto-currency. Earlier PayPal exists for any payments and Venmo was the first one for any social payments so with this crypto-currency was a way of digital transactions.

Crypto-currency is always in a confusing and challenging way for the average person to manage. Visa currently process 3,674 transactions per second and Bitcoin can process 7 per second.

To overcome with these limitations and for streamlined digital currently, this is private and easy to use. So Marlinspike’s and his organization are working on this project.

Marlinspike is making the alternative ways for transaction like Internet bank payment network, which is run by IBM.

Crypto-currency protocols make everything centralize from country exchange of processing transactions. With this the crypto-currency becomes realistic for the average person, but the mechanisms are still there to keep the difference between private and decentralized ways of crypto-currency.

So that is why new currency MobileCoin comes which is designed on Intel processor component knows as Software Guard Extensions or SGX. SGX is a portion of processor which runs code, but software inside it can’t be accessed or changed.

Marlinspike first use SGX as a signal so as to get a signal through address book not by accessing whole data.

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