Ethereum At Its New Record High

People these days are causing the issue regarding the existence of crypto-currencies along with digital assets after ERC20 tokens moved on top of the Ethereum Blockchain. Though there is not much to gain, but by doing so, rather than tricking the beginner crypto-currency users for buying the crappy tokens. It is speculated that it is the matter of fake IOTA token which moves on top of the Ethereum Blockchain. Till now, just one transaction linked with this token and nothing more.

Be aware of fake IOTA token

The high interested is noticed in IOTA Currency in the last few weeks. This is all value along with market capitalization which has developed so far. It is not believed that criminals and scammers take benefit of this trend. More exclusively, it is not known who has formed an ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain and labeled it as MIOTA, and this contains the similar supply as IOTA deals in. Fortunately, no value associated with this IOTA token, and this token is not purchased either.

Still, air of doubts moving around which has failed to clear that why people keep the issues already existing currencies as ERC20 tokens.

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