Doug Polk Becomes A Popular Cryptocurrency YouTube Star

Doug Polk has moved away from the poker table to a new venture. He is relishing his time with his new venture into the world of cryptocurrency. The 29-year-old poker player is very popular in the social media now, thanks to his YouTube cryptocurrency channel.

He uploaded his first cryptocurrency video on his YouTube channel DougPolkCrypto in December. He has so far uploaded 20 videos on this new channel and within a month has seen his subscriber base increase to 100,000 and more.

Polk has been using the YouTube social media site to post his videos. His poker YouTube channel has over 166,000 subscribers. He uploads regular content on this channel. He was very adept in creating clickable headlines and this got him a lot of fan following.

Polk is showing that the tactics he used to connect with the poker players can also work in the Bitcoin, PotCoin, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies. As many are looking at this new digital currency to be an easy source to become rich, they will follow everything uploaded about the cryptocurrency.

Polk is focusing a lot on the cryptocurrency news these days. But, still, he takes time to upload content on his CougPolkPoker channel every Monday.

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