Check Why Did Bitcoin Break It’s All Time High AU$12,000?

At the time of writing, Bitcoin has reached to its new all-time high and it is hitting the figure of AU$12,359 (US$9412).

For this rise in Bitcoin, there could be lots of factors associated, one of which could be interest increased from deep-pocketed investment companies, and the other reason might be its recent slumps. The seeming invulnerability of Bitcoin, as noted with previous all-time-highs following slumps, could be based largely on the supposition that it is undervalued in the long run and will keep going up.

Now, it is very clear that there is market present for it, and there are numbers of willing buyers also exist who see profits each time the price drops.

In addition to the Bitcoin value itself, investors of long term profile might also be enjoying many forks of Bitcoin and the windfalls attached to each.

For example, on 1st August, users who held Bitcoin would have benefited from the Bitcoin Cash fork, and has been given the same amount of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) freely, as it is held in Bitcoin. Today Bitcoin Cash has the value of around AU$2,230.

The Bitcoin Gold fork of 25 October might also have left holders of Bitcoin happy.

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