Blockchain Capital’s Song Shares His Take On Utility Tokens

Jimmy Song, the venture partner of Blockchain Capital, has been involved with Blockchain space since 2011. He got more involved with the Bitcoin in 2013 when its price started to go up. This is when he felt that he should get a wallet and ended up in the Bitcoin development.

He is not involved in any investment in the Blockchain Capital. He does not feel that the business model of ICO makes sense. He is not a fan of the utility tokens like he is a fan of the equity tokens. He feels that Bitcoin is here to stay and it is a good store of value.

Song says that the price of the Bitcoin will go up over time. As the prices go up, people will be reluctant to spend it. The longer something lasts, its longevity will increase. It is important to make sure that it performs well even after a few years and there is an increase in the investors. He feels that it is going to be a thing that will grow in the future.

Song says that it would take another 10 to 20 years for another class of investors to invest in Bitcoin. It is important for this cryptocurrency to get a medium of exchange first.

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