Bitcoin Technology Influences Life Even If You Don’t Use It

The Blockchain technology is the main topic of discussion at the CES technology show. This is the technology that evolves around the buzzword in technology, Bitcoin. Halsey Minor, the founder of CNET and Salesforce is of the opinion that Blockchain is the one that should also get the attention and not just Bitcoin. The Blockchain technology is a new one and it can turn out to be a world changer like the internet.

There are many places that have started using Blockchain technology. Estonia uses it to run their national identity card. Estonians can vote in the shareholder meetings through this technology. Kodak is set to use the Blockchain technology to track its photo rights.

A few of the entrepreneurs on the CES show are hinting at more applications being run on the Blockchain technology. This technology can become a big force in the future.

ImpactPPA, the power company, uses Blockchain to deliver power to people in need of it. They do not have to wait for the money to be processed by the power company to get light in their homes. Guardian Circle, a security firm, wants to use the Blockchain technology for handling emergency services. They will use Blockchain to send an alert to anyone you choose by sharing your location with the contact person.

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