Bitcoin Could Just Be Worth $100 In 10 Years: Economist Rogoff

Harvard economist and Professor Kenneth Rogoff has said that the Bitcoin could be having a worth of just $100 after a decade from now. He feels that it will nowhere be in the range of one hundred thousand dollars.

Rogoff said that the use of Bitcoin is very small for transactions. It is mainly used for the money laundering and the tax evasion. The regulators are trying to put a lid on this all over the world.

On the contrary, there are many in the Bitcoin community or believe that it will see a very good transaction rate in the future. Rogoff feels that there will be a shift away from the cash, but he does not see the cryptocurrency as an alternative.

He feels that it will be really difficult for the government to allow huge anonymous transactions through the Bitcoins. It would make it very difficult for the government to counter criminal activities.

Bitcoin saw a boom during the last quarter of 2017. Its value started to crash at the start of 2018. This was mainly due to the crackdowns of the cryptocurrency in Asia and other places. Now, it has started to recover some of its losses.

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