TrustNote Foundation Appoints Masaru Suzuki as Head of Japan

I see great potential of using TrustNote technology in a variety of industries!

SYDNEY August 07, 2018

TrustNote, a DAG based distributed ledger technology and its development platform for the tokenized economy, announces today that Mr. Masaru Suzuki has been appointed as Chief Representative of TrustNote in Japan. Mr. Suzuki will be leading the Japanese TrustNote community, communicating with Japanese media outlets, and promoting TrustNote technology to a variety of industries in Japan.

As a senior Japanese entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast, Suzuki’s background includes working in Business Development, Corporate Planning and Strategy and Product Marketing. He has variety of experiences of working in startups, media and eCommerce companies, the music industry and in multilingual environments.

Masaru Suzuki worked with a UK based tech company who developed a revolutionary software-based ARM optimized rendering engine, and helped them to establish and define market in Japan to negotiate major mobile operators as well as handset manufactures to pre-install its solution. He then joined a Japanese system solution company which is now listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. There he was responsible for the marketing and product sales of overseas technology and solutions to the Japanese market. He has also served as a product planner and marketer for a US company which has now been acquired by Google.

On behalf of the TrustNote foundation, Bob Lu, Partner, Global Ecosystem of TrustNote, said: “It’s a great pleasure to announce the appointment of Mr. Suzuki as Chief Representative of TrustNote in Japan. Mr. Suzuki brings extensive experience to the position. This appointment demonstrates a solid commitment to this key market. We will continue to offer strong supports to the Japanese-speaking community and grow with our community and partners into the tokenized tomorrow.”

Jeff Zhou, Founder of TrustNote, said: “I am very pleased to welcome Mr. Suzuki join the TrustNote team heading up the Japanese market. With his experience and effort to leading the Japanese-speaking TrustNote community, TrustNote will become a more successful DLT project. TrustNote has a vision to become a world-wide software infrastructure shared by all people. We believe TrustNote’s technology will make this world more transparent, fairer, more inclusive and more prosperous. ”

“TrustNote is offering its own development platform based on DAG, which solves scalability and performance issues, which is a known problem of blockchains including Bitcoin. TrustNote has more than in-house 50 developers and its source code is published at GitHub ( under MIT license, and proactively committed by developers worldwide. I feel very excited to join and to become part of key members of TrustNote, I am committed to contribute to its own branding in the Japanese market, and I see great potential of using this technology in a variety of industries, such as retail, real-estate, airlines, travel and restaurant industry.” Masaru Suzuki said today.

About TrustNote

TrustNote is a distributed ledger technology and its development platform for the tokenized economy. TrustNote combines the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) ledger structure and Proof of Work (PoW) together to build a more scalable and more secured distributed ledger system. TrustNote supports mining and Internet of Things. TrustNote’s main chain was launched since 18th January 2018.

Believing in the key to freedom of innovation in the digital age is decentralization and being frustrated with today’s blockchains who have not embraced true decentralization, prohibiting the innovators and future thinkers from creating the change they want to see, TrustNote is designed to make development easy, fast and scalable, and bring trust to an untrusting environment for everyone on every device at a low cost.

In contrast to many public ledgers in the industry who doing lots of marketing without actually offering an already launched (working) main net, TrustNote insists on not doing marketing until the launch of the main net and the wallet. TrustNote adheres to Satoshi Nakamoto styled, truly decentralized security concept, and insists on Proof of Work as the most reliable consensus algorithm available today. TrustNote’s aim is to create a truly fast, scalable, and developer friendly blockchain.

Based on verifiable, declarative smart contracts and TrustNote’s underlying technology, the iToken smart token platform, the TRC20 protocol specification and the mores to come, allowing users to create and publish tokens freely and simple without having to write complex smart contract codes.

TrustNote has a scalable wallet that provides security and rich application interfaces for tokenised applications, blockchain games and social applications.

On TrustNote, everyone can participate, all things can be tokenized, and transactions can be conducted on a truly decentralized network. In this way, everyone can have their own digital assets and gain corresponding rewards through value exchange, allowing new innovative ideas to run smoothly and flourish on the blockchain, making the use of blockchain a lifestyle.

TrustNote believes that to complete a great mission must have a healthy and energetic talent environment. TrustNote has always been committed to building the home of the best talents, warmly welcomes the best talents to actively participate, and jointly promote the development of the TrustNote open source community, and build a new world of the tokenized economy!

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